Julian James - AUS TOUR

Onwards and Upwards 

Wow what a whirlwind couple of months! 

Having been on the road since Easter i have to apologies for not updating more often. I would have the best intention to when i turned up at a place and then find my self distracted and completely forget too! 

So I am currently sitting in far north Queensland on a property that was the home of the Black Mountain Picnic. 

This paradise is where the Queensland bush meets the Dantree rain forest, has me in absolute awe of how diverse and vast our country really is. It was a 30 hour drive from my last gig in the central coast straight up the Bruce hwy. I made it to the 28th hour with my sanity and i appreciate all involved for keeping me sane on a small level in the last 2 hrs! 

Central Coast was about 13-16 degrees but carried an air of beauty that complemented the chill. Playing the Harvest Festival at Nooneweena i was greeted with a view that overlooked the mountain rangers all the way down to Mt Yang.  

I'm not going to lie it has been tough at times in solitude but the friends and experiences i have gained has me wanting more! 

So thank you to all of you who have come to my gigs and bought a cd or a stubby holder /shot glass 

Thanks you for giving me showers and letting me use your washing machines 

and it is so humbling the amount of positive feedback i have been given.  

It is all of you that keep me doing this and i can not thank you enough! 

On wards an upwards friends 

New album in the works hopefully out by the end of the year!! 

Next Tassy Tour is Booked and Dates will be out soon!

Until next time friends! 

Julian James

Taking the Plunge! 


To the first edition of my new blog! 
It was promised months ago that i was going to created this blog reflecting on my travels. 
Now sitting on the pier with coffee in hand, waiting to embark on a big floating Tasmanian vessel seems like the perfect time to pen some words. 

The weeks leading up to the beginnings of my adventure have been filled with mixed emotions. 
Quitting my Job, Selling my business and moving from a fix residence into my neatly compact maintenance vehicle have all been challenges I felt i was ready to undertake! 
Having to condense my life into what felt like 2 cubic meters and still be able to sleep on top of it! Is a liberating and trying experience. It amazes me how one can accumulate so much "stuff" and none of it have any impact or use in my life today. 

Taking the Plunge 

Music, Music, Music! 
Music has been the in my life since i can remember! Whether it be rushing to finish my dinner so i can perform for my family or by traveling to scotland to play with my sister. I have alway approached it with passion and joy. 
But never in my 28 years of living have i ever given it everything, completely succumbed. So as exhilarating as this is for me there is a predefined voice naging me from the inners of my mind saying "you wont make enough money", "You should be buying a house" etc etc. 

But screw that! I welcome you to my journey and i hope you enjoy reading my updates as i endeavour to keep them as regular as possible! 

My first stop is Tasmania! 

Having never visited this part of Australia i sit here on the pier  with nervous anticipation. Playing my first show on Saturday night "Iron horse bar and grill" and then cruising down to hobart to play "The Republik Bar"  Weds, (Anzac Day) I look forward to a fun filled few weeks with too many drinks consumed too much fishing done and overall a great time! 

Please feel free to share around if you have made it this far! 

Until we meet again! 

Julian James